AL-ABID PERFUMES made from the finest ingredients available in the world. It is a mix of emotions and fresh approach to fragrance.
To create the most valuable perfume in the world, it take more then hundreds of natural oils and essences to compose the unique perfume.

ALABID INTERNATIONAL established in year 2001. A sub division of PAKISTAN ITTAR factory , which was established in 1948.

Eighteen Original Recipe Perfume Versions of selected classic fragrances for your pleasure and enjoyment, offered under alternative brand names. Each Original Recipe Perfume Version is a dedicated replication and is 100% guaranteed.

Packing. Each pack containing 12 small bottles of pleasant perfume is beautifully shaped and we are proud of our excellent product which speaks itself to touch your heart.

0 % ALCOHOL. AL-ABID perfumes 100% free from alcohol, not having even the slightest touch of alcoholic impurities.



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